Type A (bathrooms, restrooms, wash basins are shared)

First semester (April-September) 429,000 yen

Second semester (October-March) 429,000 yen

Type B (bathrooms, restrooms, wash basins are individual)

First semester (April-September) 480,000 yen

Second semester (October-March) 480,000yen

*Breakfast and supper are included (weekends also).

Entrance Procedure Fee (at the time of entering a dormitory)

Contract cost 180,000yen / Annual management fee 100,000yen /

Deposit 50,000yen(Type B 80,000yen)

Other fees

Equipment maintenance costs 200,000yen(Type B 220,000yen) / Electricity rates based on usage

Accommodation fees for March and August (1,500 yen per day)

Renewal fee 100,000 yen